Who I Am

I walk with Christ, as he makes me more like Him.
I am attempting to seek Him daily through joys and pain. I stand in amazement of Father's grace, His love, and Who He is! I seek to be a woman full of gratitude, and love for my Father, and all that is precious to Him.

I enjoy reading, learning, being with close friends, and spontaneously doing things out of the ordinary.  I have a bit of a tendency to get in over my head in the craziest situations. I am somewhat addicted to coffee ;), and I am always thinking~my hubby claims he hears the wheels cranking in my mind even while I sleep! I tend to be somewhat introverted, but with a longing to spend time with those I am closest to, and reach out to those in need. I enjoy most genres of music. My hidden passion is writing! I crave for my life to be as natural, simple, and beautiful as possible.

I enjoy baking, but health issues keep me on a pretty restricted food plan :) These issues, and food plan are a daily struggle for me, and yet another way for Father to teach me many good things about Himself. 

I am a mother of three, my (step)son Cameron enjoys life separate from us for the time. Lily lights up our lives, and home. Jordan waits for us in heaven. My husband and I have been through many challenges together ~some of which I share here~ We have been married for almost 8 years and counting!

Close friendships, ones that will last, are a lifeline in my small world. We are part of a church that is made up of people from all walks of life joining together as a community. A community that works to make their lives a worship offering to God.

This is who I am.