Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Time, Where Did You Go??

Wow, I am so far behind with my blogging! Time completely gets away from me. Life has been so understand don't you? I am wearing myself down. I can feel it. My body has been trying to get sick for almost two days now. Not good!

I know that I need to slow down. I told my husband tonight "What is the point of God calling me to be a Stay at Home mom, if I am never at home? If I am running around, and not taking care of my self and my family??" Seriously, sometimes I feel like I am doing everything backwards.

So this week yet, I am making/decorating a cake with a friend...should be lots of fun!! Then girls prayer night, where I am sharing the verses...yikes!! By the end of the week I plan on having all of my daughters school stuff for the year! Shopping here I come! Also taking some time to cuddle up with my best friend's babies. Always a peaceful break in my week when she is loving enough to let me do that :) (It's her date night this week...she doesn't have a choice but to hand those babies over! Lucky me!!)

Hopefully next week I will be living slower, simpler, and listening to God a bit more about my time!! Hubby has been laid off, so that doesn't help with my schedule much. There is some adjusting to do, but I know that God can get me on track yet!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

All You Need is love from BANDAGED TOGETHER

In the spirit of Valentine's Day I give you a fun song from the past, redone!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

What's New Pussy Cat???

We have named the cat! His name is Argon. It is Greek, and means; inactive. Very fitting for a cat I do believe! There is one slight problem seems I am allergic! I thought my cold was still lingering, but yesterday while at church I got better! I came home, and got worse. Then went to a friends house, and again amazingly got better!! When I got back home with in an hour I was sick again. Congested, sinus pressure, and a very dry, raw throat. It only happens at home...stinkin' allergies!! This mama will be taking lots of stuff for it, because I couldn't bear to ask my girl to get rid of her cat!

Last night I found Lily with her head over the sink. She was soaking wet after trying to straighten her hair with soap water. We (my dear friend and I) dried her off, and then much to her pleasure, straightened her hair with a flat iron. I had been saying for quite some time that I needed to cut her hair, but I was procrastinating. Have you ever seen her curls, or noticed the fact that she acts like she has ants in her pants ALL THE TIME!!?? Well, then you understand why I was avoiding cutting her hair. After we straightened it though, we really noticed how deadened it was on the bottom. Her hair was so long, about at her waist. We took off about six inches. It still hits a few inches below the shoulders, and looks sooo cute! It looked amazing straightened too. Although Brian did not think so, he loves the curls too much! Thankfully she did not loose her curl with the cut!

My Hubby's phone just died. The funeral is set for later today, as he was very attached to it. His previous phone is so close to the end. It should be in a nursing home, but we will try to revive it. Worst case, he will have to go with out a phone for a while. What would he do with all the silence?? (Gasp!)

Hubby is also on layoff from work. 6-8 weeks long. We have set up a schedule, and a list of things to accomplish while he is home. In the past, him being home has always been a very stressful thing for me. I like schedule, and lists, and things to stay all clean!! This does not happen when he is home. So taking these things into account, we have planned, and are hoping to be around each other quite nicely while he is off work.

I have been doing some looking into school curriculum. We have chosen to home school and it is time for me to get cracking!! I am thinking that for preschool I am going to create my own program using Sonlight's book list, and coming up with the rest on my own. As she gets older though, right now my plan is to combined Sonlight, and CLE I really like Sonlight's literature, and CLE's workbooks. I totally realize though that anything can change!

I have been trying a lot of new recipes, and loving them! So I thought I would include a link to my favorite cooking blog~Enjoy!

Other then that life is ...well life! Work outs, Bible study, family, cooking, get the idea.

What does your life look like right now??

Friday, February 5, 2010

Name that Cat

Today we got a cat. The idea is mostly to have something for my daughter to love on, take care of, and play with. She is so lonely sometimes. Raising an only child can be so heart breaking. We have entered into problems I never imagined we would have to deal with. (Don't hear what I am not saying! I love having her, wouldn't trade her for anything, and am not distraught about raising her. I just wish she had someone to share childhood with.) Being close to other family's helps in some ways, and makes it worse in other ways.
Today though we decided to do something pro-active for her. We got her a cat! Here he is:

Now we have a real problem...we don't know what to name him! So I'm opening it up to you, dear readers, suggestions please? We want something strong, and possibly unusual for this fellow. He tends to be timid, and we would like to counteract that with a great name!
What names do you propose??

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'm Being a Baby

Oh, How I hate being sick!! Yet, here I am again. It's only a cold this time, but it has taken over my body! I can't breath, I have a vice around my head, and neck. Life just isn't fun when you are sick!
I really want to blog my heart out here but I don't feel like I could write that long with out my head going fuzzy. You understand.
Part of me wants to say, I'm not that bad. I'm just being a baby. I have been so much sicker than this before!
The other part of me knows, I have to take care of myself! So that is what I am trying to do.
I am not letting my house lack because of my sick state. I couldn't handle that, but if I'm not cleaning I am sitting.

The thing I am really struggling with about being sick (Other then hating it!) is that God told me to be healthy, live healthy, take care of myself this year. Remember the post on Intentional Health? Yet, I have found myself sick twice this year already! It doesn't make sense. I don't understand, and I really want to know what God is up to! So I am praying, and searching, and hoping God shares His reasoning with me :)

Well, I'm off to make some oatmeal, and get some reading done before my little girl wakes up. I hope to be blogging better stuff soon. Praying you all stay healthy!