Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'm Being a Baby

Oh, How I hate being sick!! Yet, here I am again. It's only a cold this time, but it has taken over my body! I can't breath, I have a vice around my head, and neck. Life just isn't fun when you are sick!
I really want to blog my heart out here but I don't feel like I could write that long with out my head going fuzzy. You understand.
Part of me wants to say, I'm not that bad. I'm just being a baby. I have been so much sicker than this before!
The other part of me knows, I have to take care of myself! So that is what I am trying to do.
I am not letting my house lack because of my sick state. I couldn't handle that, but if I'm not cleaning I am sitting.

The thing I am really struggling with about being sick (Other then hating it!) is that God told me to be healthy, live healthy, take care of myself this year. Remember the post on Intentional Health? Yet, I have found myself sick twice this year already! It doesn't make sense. I don't understand, and I really want to know what God is up to! So I am praying, and searching, and hoping God shares His reasoning with me :)

Well, I'm off to make some oatmeal, and get some reading done before my little girl wakes up. I hope to be blogging better stuff soon. Praying you all stay healthy!

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