Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Time, Where Did You Go??

Wow, I am so far behind with my blogging! Time completely gets away from me. Life has been so understand don't you? I am wearing myself down. I can feel it. My body has been trying to get sick for almost two days now. Not good!

I know that I need to slow down. I told my husband tonight "What is the point of God calling me to be a Stay at Home mom, if I am never at home? If I am running around, and not taking care of my self and my family??" Seriously, sometimes I feel like I am doing everything backwards.

So this week yet, I am making/decorating a cake with a friend...should be lots of fun!! Then girls prayer night, where I am sharing the verses...yikes!! By the end of the week I plan on having all of my daughters school stuff for the year! Shopping here I come! Also taking some time to cuddle up with my best friend's babies. Always a peaceful break in my week when she is loving enough to let me do that :) (It's her date night this week...she doesn't have a choice but to hand those babies over! Lucky me!!)

Hopefully next week I will be living slower, simpler, and listening to God a bit more about my time!! Hubby has been laid off, so that doesn't help with my schedule much. There is some adjusting to do, but I know that God can get me on track yet!

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