Friday, August 29, 2008

The Same God

God never changes. He is still the same God he was before this.

Life changes. We change. Things happen in our lives that sometimes can make us feel as though God is different than he once was.
Truth is, He is still the same God during, and after our hardships as he was before them.
He is still just as powerful, even if he didn't stop the hurt from coming.
He is still right beside you, even if you feel alone.
He still has plans for you, even if you don't like the way that looks in your life right now.
He is still in control.
He is still provident.
He still knows what he is doing.
He still loves you.
He is the same God that He has always been.
He is still the same.

I thought this was going to be longer, but I guess simple truth doesn't have to go on and on. I'm sure if I thought about this more I could continue writing, but for now I just wanted to share.

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