Tuesday, August 26, 2008


My first post was not supposed to be like this. I had such high hopes that the first time anyone read anything of mine that it would be encouraging and enlightening.

Things change so quickly. Last night a very dear friend of mine started miscarrying. This hard, cold world is now a bit bleaker because her heart is hurting.
I cry out to our Maker with questions. Questions that will go unanswered because God does not always reveal the "why" that we ask so many times in our heart. So now I am left wondering, how do we go on after a loss so great? How do we as Christians live for Him in the mist of our pain, not knowing why we are allowed this pain in the first place.
My simple, short answer is: I don't know.
Yet, if I were to look deeper I would see that even though we will aways ask why, God will always be there to comfort. He sees deeper into us than we could ever imagine. When we cry God is already crying with us. When we hurt, He is bent over with our pain. When we lay in bed with the agony upon us, God is laying right beside us. God knows that we will always cry out for the unknown reasons to be revealed. Even when he choses not to show us the 'why' He will always be beside us to sit in the quiet. To listen to our hurt and heal us if we let Him. He knows the anger and fear. He is not afraid of our screaming. He is just relived that we come to Him. Even if our coming to Him happens to bring the rage inside. He is always ready to seep into the crevasses of our broken hearts.
He does not heal us in an instant. There would be no greatness in that. There would be no drawing closer, nothing gained. Grief does not come with out darkness, but it comes with hope in the end if we let our Daddy do the healing.

To my dear friend, I am sorry for your pain. I am sorry for this thing that has broken you, left you hurting. I am sorry you will not hold your baby on this earth. If I could change it I would, but I can't, so please rest in your Daddy's arms. Although He could have prevented your hurt, He is also capable of healing your pain, and bringing you to a place that makes you more beautiful than you already are.
I am praying for you tonight. I love more than life.

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Domestic Goddess said...

I like your page, and what you wrote made me cry, of course. You write really good, but you probably already know that.:) It was interesting to read things about you. I didn't know you named your sweetie, that's awesome.I would too. You are a good friend to Rhoda in a hard time for both of you, I hope God blesses you for that. And I have to agree that Brian always trys to get people to laugh.And usually succeeds! You guys are great friends, we love ya! - you know who I am.....