Thursday, December 11, 2008

Learning from Mommy

Today was busy and mostly carefree. I played with Lily, her laugh makes my heart soar. She is growing up so fast. As I was making dinner she wanted to help, so we pulled a chair up to the counter. I sprinkled some flour, and handed her a small cut off of the dough I was working with. She was so cute turning it over in her hands, sprinkling it with flour, and turning it over again. Every time she put flour on the dough she said she was adding ketchup, but that's alright. I saw my daughter tonight as she was taking on her natural role. She was learning and loving it. I was loving it. I got the opportunity to spend time with her while showing her life in the home. She may one day chose to be out side of her home, and that's ok, but seeing the beauty of a little girl choosing to work beside her mother in the home was a heartwarming thing. Not to mention the pure sweetness of that little girl only being two years old.

We made bread bowls and a thick potato bacon soup to fill them for dinner. Tomorrow will be a busy but fun day. Two of "my girls", sweet friends of mine are coming over. We are having a baking day. I am in charge of the making of 250 bread bowls for a fund raiser and we want to try different recipes. We will also be making and frosting christmas cookies, with our little ones. What a day to look forward to!