Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Joys in my week

Wow, this week is going by so fast. I have had many blessings befall us, and some sadness too.
Friday, I was so blessed. It was a dear friends due date for the baby she had lost, and I wanted to be close to her, as she was for me. As far as I know she wanted me there too. We spent alot of the day planting her garden. Brian and I have not had a garden due to lack of space to call our own. It was such a joy. I loved being out in the sun, walking barefoot in the squishy dirt (yes, and manure), and helping her plant life. It was such a productive, fulfilling thing to do on that day. I also just loved spending the time with her, creating something to nourish her family, and playing with her sweet little boy. Thank you my dear friend for the opportunity to be a part of your life. You will never know how much you mean to me, as words could never express.
Saturday, my husband, a bit begrudgingly got up early to go garage saleing with me. While many of the sales we went to had nothing of interest to us, we did find a few great things. He found a game for his xbox much cheaper than even if he had gotten it used at the store. We bought 3 sit and spins for $6, giving one away and keeping the other two so no fights will occur with friends. The best find for me was an almost new bread maker for $10! We have already used it several times, and it is great. I love and prefer to make our bread by hand, but this will provide a fresh loaf when ever I am to tired or busy to get it made. Now we can have bread all the time, also saving on our grocery budget.
Sunday, we went out with a sweet couple after church, and although I have known them both separately for years, it was a good time to get to know them better. We were very blessed. That night Brian and I also took some good time to talk.
Monday was a bit harder. A friend was hurting, and so was I. It was a great testing time for me, and still continues to be. That night the support group that I co lead for those who have lost babies met, which is to say that the co leader, and I met since no one ever comes to the meetings. We went and got drinks at the coffee house, which is becoming a normal thing for us :) We used the time to share our hearts, and some struggles. A hard but blessed thing.
These last two days have been dreary, full of rain and clouds. We have been more lazy in the day and productive at night. Last night I did 5 loads of laundry and cleaned every room in my house thoroughly except the kitchen.
Tonight a sweet friend is coming over. We are going to scrapbook. Something I have never been fond of, but it sustains her :) So we will see if she can make a scrapbooker out of me! I also have an art project of sorts that I am working on tonight, and will share with you very soon.
Well, something sweet sounds good, so here I bid you a due, to go in my kitchen and whip up something yummy.

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