Saturday, July 4, 2009

Why does the world not stop?

Sometimes I wonder how the world just goes on. I see things in the news, online, and in real life, and I just can't understand how they go unnoticed. Mostly I think about the children in the world that go through so much. The ones with cancer that will never survive. I think how selfish are we that we don't take the time to pray, to encourage, or support them?
You may say, but I don't know anyone in that situation. Well, they are everywhere. I see their blogs daily, parents pleading for prayer for their children. They are in our churches, and around our towns. Do we not notice them because we are to busy or because we have put a wall up in our mind? No one likes to see pain. No one likes to see struggle.

I wonder though, if we were to take the time to pray, what it would do? A person would be encouraged, lift their spirits! God would hear the pleading for His own. People could come to know Him, and we might be a little less selfish tomorrow. Would that be so bad?
In all the little petty things I do, when do I think of those hurting? I could go all day, arguing, cleaning, reading, playing. Yet, all the while a parent is holding their hurting baby. Why does my day have to go on like nothing is happening to anyone else but me? Why can't I take time everyday for someone else? I'm asking you today, find someone you don't know, someone hurting, and pray for them through out the day. You get nothing in return, and yes it's time out of your day, but when did it become your day? Is it not God's day? Just pray for them.

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