Wednesday, September 23, 2009


This morning I found a new place to get free blog backgrounds. Shabby Blogs does not have as many backgrounds as the program I have been using. Yet, they have backgrounds of shall we say a sweeter nature. They are a more feminine company. Something I think I could use a little more of sometimes.
I have chosen this particular background because it is simple. There were several others that I liked so much better, but when I put them on my blog they looked way to busy. I seem to always be busy, and wanted my blog to be one place where I could come, and be at peace in the simpleness of it.
I am not sure if this background will be my final choice. In fact knowing my self it will change again soon, because I get restless and start rearagning things~including my blog. In the mean time, I do hope that you enjoy the simpleness of it with me.
Let me know what you think...I am always open to feed back.

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