Sunday, September 6, 2009

I am Emotional

I feel very emotional today. I have cried so much....
My week has been busy and I'm sure that is alot of it.
I have picked tomatoes twice. Yesterday it was 30 gallons of them, and 10 gallons of peppers.
I have made salsa, spent time with friends, and family. Baked alot! Ran errands.
Today after church I rested alot. I really didn't have a choice, my body and emotions were on the fritz.
I am feeling alot like I over do it with my friends. That I get to needy and then they need space. I don't know how to deal with this. I am just emotional.
Today is also a year since my due date for Jordan, so the thought can not escape me that we would have a one year old right about now. It's hard and I have many thoughts, emotions, and hurt to go along with that. This week I have more time with friends, more canning, more places to go, a house to clean after canning, and bible study. A full week for sure.
I think I just need some time to regroup....what ever that means.
My internet has been down for a week so I am writing this quick at a friends house....
Just to get out a very small bit of what I am feeling.


Rhoda Wickey said...

i am sorry I didn't remember yesterday. I feel like a bad friend. I am sorry you are hurting and that I wasn't sensitive to that.

The Schmidts said...

amber, i hope you can find some time for yourself to relax, create, express yourself. i am sorry for your loss. i hope you can find happiness in the simple joys surrounding you! thinking of you.