Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Why Did God Give Adam a Wife First?

I have just spent the wee hours of the morning with a friend. We spent about three hours talking about marriage. I said a lot of stuff in three hours, most of which I do not remember. The one thing that really stuck with her though was that our husband should be our number one priority on this earth, second only to our relationship with God.
I told her that we must have boundaries in all other parts of our life in order to protect the marriage relationship. She said I was so sure, and she had never thought of having to protect the relationship, but I told her that if there are not boundaries all of the other things in our life will creep in, and take over until our husbands are no longer top priority. Even the things that God leads us to do in our life should come second to our spouse. He should always be our number one God give priority, with all the other God given things coming after our marriage.
She asked me why I was so sure, and I didn't really have any verses on hand (I'm very bad at that and must improve). I did have a few reasons for her, but one really sticks out in my mind even now. I told her that marriage is the first relationship created by God after His relationship with His people. God said it wasn't good that Adam was alone, so he created a wife for him. I told her; God could have given Adam parents, friends, even children, but he choose to give Adam a wife. I find that very interesting. Why did God give Adam a wife first? Was it perhaps because this is the relationship He was going to hold primary in a humans life? I know that I personally have learned more in from my marriage than any other relationship I have been in. I have also come closer to, seen God more, and learned more about God from my marriage than any other relationship. I have some thinking to do about all this, but thought I would throw some of my thoughts out there.
I also told her that as a Christian woman our focus in life should be serving God, but as a christian wife our focus expands to include serving our husbands. Isn't a HUGE part of marriage learning to serve? It's not just for us either girls, think of all the ways your husband has learned to serve since you married him. Learning to serve can only happen though if you are making it a priority to do so. We are not serving people by nature...just in case you haven't noticed. This is part of why making your husband a top priority is important, with out doing that you will not serve him. At least not in the way God intends for you serve.
Oh so many thoughts. So much marriage can teach. I'm going to stop before I hit the babbling stage of my thoughts. Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments...I would love to read them.


Suzie said...

I think ur right girlie.... I look at the example of my mom, and see how she's grown, just since I remember her.... yep.. she's the most unselfish person I know.. now

Miss A said...

God gave Adam a wife first.
This is very interesting; it almost implies that marriage is the most important relationship. Would it be considered closer than that of your (childhood) family, for instance, your sister, your brother?
Also the serving aspect intrigues me. The fact that love is only complete when acted out. That we serve because we love.