Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Work It Out, Baby!

Working out...don't you love it? I do. What I really hate though is finding the motivation to get up off my rump and actually do it! Once I start I love it. I love the way it makes me feel. I love the thought of what it could make me. I just love it. So why is it so hard to get motivated? I really don't know.

I started working out with a friend 6ish weeks ago. We decided to do the Biggest Looser Boot camp work out. Every two weeks we went up a level so by week 5 we were on the toughest level and working our butts off for an hour 5 days a week. Right around week 5 we also stopped working out together. We had a few days that it just didn't work to get together so her husband joined her, and they have been doing it together ever since. I finished out week 5 and started on week 6. I did about 3 days of that finial week and when I weighed I found out that I had gained 3 pounds. My friend has (so far) lost about 10 pounds, and while I am very happy for her I knew than I could not continue doing the program with out getting very frustrated and quitting all together. I also knew that I probably wouldn't have kept doing a program that took me an hour every day by myself. I think my body just needed something different. So I switched to Jillian's (another Biggest Looser coach) 30 day Shred. Their work outs were very similar so I knew it would be challenging enough. After 6 weeks of working my body hard, I needed a challenge, something easier would not have satisfied me! The difference was that I would be working my body just as hard, but more concentrated, and in about a third of the time.
So day one of her program, I debated after doing it if it was easier, harder, or the same as the boot camp work out I had just stopped. It was different. There was more cardio and abs, but less squats. Yet I couldn't really say if it was harder.
Well, day 2 and 3 I had decided she was trying to kill me. It was harder, my heart raced, and I was wheezing like crazy, but I did it!!
I have to do it yet today, and with the exhaustion that I feel right now it is very debatable if I will actually get it done. This is a 30 day program, and I know that if I don't follow it the way it is planned out my results will be much less than hoped for. Yet, I am proud of myself for sticking with working out. It has been a few years since I worked out daily.
It has been very discouraging to me that I haven't lost any thing. After more than 6 weeks of kicking butt there has been no weight loss, no inches lost. Yes I have gained endurance, but come on girls....do we really work out to gain endurance to work out? I don't think so. I would really, REALLY like to see some progress soon! Until then I guess I will keep going at it.
I haven't done a whole lot to change the way I eat, but we were already eating a pretty healthy diet to begin with. I am trying to be conscious of everything I put in my mouth. My biggest help in this area is: I can eat what ever I want when I go out (this usually includes eating at a friend's house) but at home I am limited and healthy. Since I don't go out more than once a week it limits my splurge times. I usually make one sweet thing a week, but give most of it away or send it to work with my husband. It is also very important to me to get all my water drank through out the day.
I guess if I don't see changes soon I am going to have to rethink what I am doing.

What are you doing to keep your body healthy? To loose weight or eat healthy?

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Jackiedlc said...

Thank you so much for your comment.. It came just in time.. really Thanks..

The shred is a GREAT effective workout..Stick to it and you will get the results you want.. I am here for support whenever u need it..

tomorrow is the last day for me- i complete the 30 days tomorrow wow... I plan on doing her other workout "no more trouble one" but will jump back on the 30 day shred in January..

You can do it girl :)