Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Day In Pictures

1. I read a few pages in a new interesting book. Check it out.

2. I watched my beautiful daughter do some dishes. Although more water ended up on her and the floor than anywhere else.

3. I organized sidewalk chalk. Fun feat I tell you!

4. Then I read blogs.

5. Then we listened to Pandora while finishing the cleaning.

6. Also we played with play dough. :)

7. We got to hang out with this guy....and his brother for the night.
8. Then came dinner! Corn on the cob, sweet potatoes, meatloaf, and watermelon! YUM!!
9. Then there was some climbing time :) from this little guy!

10. Then came some cuddling with "Uncle" Brian.....all that climbing must have been hard work!
11. Finger Painting! Need I say more???
12. Then time for some sleep. I love how he still holds his bottle even when he is pretty much out!

That's about all I have. So now I am off to rest myself!

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