Sunday, December 12, 2010

Life in Paragrphs

Life has moved on in the last few months, and I have missing being able to write here. We have been with out Internet for over a month now, and while I have enjoyed the time to get things done. Time to separate myself from it for a while, and spend more time in the word, reading, and living life.....I am very much ready to have it back now! We made a commitment in our home to forgo Internet until there was a reliable income again. So far that has not happened, and so we are currently still with out.

 In the first week of November we moved....again. We left our lovely town that we wanted to stay in forever, well, at least for many years yet. We moved a half an hour south to an even more conservative Amish town. It is different. In some ways easier, and some harder. We now live in the country surrounded by a very small tourist attraction, and then....nothing. Our driveway puts us a third of a mile off the road. The space we now have is much bigger, and has taken some getting used to. But, it is a lovely home, and I enjoy taking care of it.

 My husband has still been looking for work. Having no stable income is a thing of trust, and concern all at the same time. It looks like his time of unemployment is coming to a close, as he has a possible job offer coming. We continue to pray for God's leading. He has been working on some drywall jobs the last few weeks. It keeps him gone, but that may also be coming to a close.

 My daughter continues to grow, and challenge me as a mother, an individual, and a follower of Christ. She says the craziest off the wall things, and lives in her own world of logic. I increasingly grow weary of being the person she hangs on most of the waking and sleeping hours, but I know this time will be brief, then she will be off, and needing me no more. I wonder often why God picked me to be her mother, and if He truly realized how short I would fall at showing Him to her. Then I think of course God knows how I struggle to bring her to Him at every opportunity. I ask for forgiveness, and grace, and I pick up my girl and hold her tight, and tell her of Jesus and His love. Later I fail again, over and over to guide her to Him, but there is always Grace. Thank you Father for your grace.

Christmas is quickly approaching and I seek to focus on the true reason for the celebration. I love this time of year, the snow, the baking, the music, the beauty, and even the gifts. I also want to keep Jesus fulling in the center. This is so hard. It is to easy to get caught up in the busyness, and forget to see the simple beauty of the love, the sacrifice, and the hope. I long to always keep Jesus fully in the center of all I see.

In years past we have bought gifts for our family, and friends. This year we are limited by money, and there is a big part of me that is quite glad. I am making 95% of our gifts this year. Hand knitted/crocheted scarves for almost everyone. Not only does it cut back on cost (I was gifted a lot of the yarn) but it allows me time to pray for each person as I create something just for them. :D I love to pray for people as I make things for them.

My little girl on the other hand, is getting a bought gift. Last spring she received an American Girl catalog in the mail. Much to my surprise she spent hours and hours pouring over the things in that catalog, and while I don't want to promote that "I want" attitude, it was very sweet to see her so excited about the dolls and all their things. A few months after the catalog arrived she was still looking at it endlessly, when my mom called about a garage sale that was selling some of the dolls. I drove the 30 minutes to check it out, and got there with one doll left. The doll was being sold along with a small dog, 2 outfits, shoes, and accessories. The cost of all these things new would have been well over 200 dollars. I was able to get them at just over a quarter of that price. I can't wait until Christmas morning! When ever she is asked what she wants for Christmas her list always starts with that catalog. I am so thankful for the find that God provided months ago when we had the money. I have never been one to buy and tuck away gifts, but this is well worth the wait.

This morning my husband is sharing his testimony at our church. It is an amazing one of sin, and guilt replace with redemption! (Of course they all are) I can't wait to see him share it with our church family. As nervous at he is (and I admit, I'm nervous too) I know that Father will be greatly glorified today, and will use this in an amazing way in someones life! Thank you Abba for your forgiveness, your grace, your mercy, and your love.

Well, I could go on with so much more. Making decisions on school, Christmas parties, baby showers, things learned in time with God, and where He is taking me.....just to get you interested :D I think I will leave that for another time.
May you be blessed with peace, and joy abundantly.

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