Monday, December 20, 2010

The To Do List (and a few other random thoughts)

Our Internet is back on. Hurray! Christmas is quickly approaching. We are having windows installed tomorrow. The whole weekend will be full of family, and friends ( who really are family too )

This is what my currant to do list looks like for today through Thurs.:D

Clean house
Do laundry
Go grocery shopping
Finish Christmas shopping -Dad's gift (anyone have any ideas what to get him?)
Finish making Christmas gifts-Scarfs for Mom, G ma.
Sew together Robe for hubby - for those of you who do not know my history with sewing clothes, this is your cue to laugh- hysterically!
Go on a date - yea for date night!
Have my brothers over
Return movie rentals
Unpack boxes of books Yea! All done with that one!
Cook for family dinners - Peanut butter fudge, hummus, stuffed mushrooms, and more!
Have new windows installed
Wrap the rest of the gifts

So that is the next few days. Then there are all the gatherings to follow! :D Fun but very, very busy.

I am so grateful that we have our Internet back. I am wondering though if it maybe a good time to cut down on my blog reading. I was reading about 40ish a day and that was keeping it at a minimum for me, but I really don't have that much time. The issue is, who do I cut? ~Sigh~
I am also wishing for an "in my hands" bible study. I have been doing ones on line, and reading books, but I am ready to dig into a study that I can hold again....silly I know. Do you have any suggestions?

I was asking my mom just last night if she remembered a Christmas movie that she rented for us when I was young called : Christmas at Willow Creek. She did, but had no idea where to get it any more. It's a very old movie, and was not hugely popular. Well, after leaving my parents house last night my hubby needed something from the store, and wouldn't you know but it was there and on sale! I bought it, and can't wait to sit down with some cocoa and watch it. I love watching Christmas movies!

I could go on and on, but I really should get back to that list. What does your week look like?