Thursday, January 6, 2011

To Better Encourage You

It's a new year, and my thoughts are in complete chaos! I have been putting a lot of time into praying, thinking, and trying to prepare for what God has for me in the next year. There are some changes He is asking of me. Some I have already started, and some I am still trying to figure out how to execute. I have many blog post ideas running rampant in my head. I am going to start working on them soon, and am very excited about it!

One thing I wanted to make you aware of is; this blog will be changing. I have been very impressed by Father that there is so much He wants from this space in my life. So much that I could be giving, and even receiving through it, and so much that He is asking of me. In order to do that better I am spending some time with Him, seeking what He wants for this blog, and then the changes will come.  To better serve my Father in this space I will be making changes to the blog's format, the content, and possibly moving the blog altogether. Hang in there with me, please!! I hope to make this place better as a source of encouragement, praise, learning, study, with a little bit of me thrown in :D

One more thing I wanted to make you all aware of today is a series I have been reading for a while.
A Woman Inspired  is an amazing woman's ministry that has been putting out 31 day blogging series for a few months now. Several wonderful, and well know bloggers are chosen to write 31 days of posts on a topic related to the focus.
Through out the month of November I loved reading one bloggers 31 days of posting on Grace, and am now enjoying the new series. This month the focus is 31 Days of Ministry (Online)
Although I don't read every topic featured I have completely enjoyed, and been encouraged by the blogs that have focused on
and Intentional Parenting

I encourage you to go here and read through the different topics, check them out, and be encouraged!

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