Friday, January 28, 2011

Perfectionism Causes Fear

As I have worked to change my blog, and my thinking about my blog, I have been praying for wisdom, for direction, and for His will concerning this space. I have a bit of an idea about what Father is asking of me. Yet, I have been hesitating. It seems there is more I should know about making this space His. This morning I was wondering though, what if the hesitation is not in questioning what He wants anymore, but in my need for perfection? I know what He is asking of me. I know that Father wants me to make this space in my life a place of encouragement. A place where scripture flows through it. A place that points all (including myself) right to Him. Easy enough right? :P

So if I know all of these things, it occurred to me that I must be delaying because I am letting my perfectionism get in the way. In the last week I have formed several blog posts ~ in my head. Why have I not put them here? Well, there is the excuse about how drained I have felt this week....but it is just an excuse right? Really though, I know it is because I want this place to be perfect before I come in, and share. Perfectionism, is a nasty thing! It delays the Father's work in your life!  I don't know how it effects you, but for me perfectionism usually results in a paralyzing fear. If I feel I cannot get something done totally right, then I am afraid of starting it at all. Tell me I'm not alone in this, people! Another way it hinders me is, I spend so much time trying to make something perfect,then I lose sight of what God is calling me to focus on in the first place!  Yet this has never been how God has works in my life. Why I thought it would be this time is beyond me :D  Father doesn't wait for us to be perfect before He shares with us, so why I thought that was the case this time....I have no idea!

So here is the thing, I am going to dive back into this blog. Work through my fears, and set to work doing what Father is asking of me!!

 You will also notice some changes in format. I want a place that looks right to the Father, and I have noticed that the less cluttered my blog is the more I can just focus on the words. So I thought I would try keeping it simple for a while.

Here is my question to you.....
What things has Father asked of you that you are delaying because of perfectionism or fear???

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