Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Four Person Family

At the beginning of this year we thought that we would be having another baby, resulting in a four person family. We thought that by the end of Sept. we would have another child in our home. This obviously is not the case.
To our surprise though, we are now a four person family. Today is Oct. 1st, and a week ago today my sister moved in with us. Although she is 23, she still hasn't taken on the full mindset of being an adult yet, and needed a place to just be for a while.
In January, I never would have imagined getting my four person family in this form, but here it is.
It hadn't really occurred to me in this way until Sat afternoon. Our table has been set up for three people. I decided that with Brooke here that needed to change. As I was pulling our table out away from the wall my husband said to me "What are you doing?". Without thinking I responded, "Making room for our family". That is when the thought popped into my head. We have four people in our family.
OK I know I'm sounding redundant here. I have a point. I wanted so badly to have a fourth in our home. I deeply wanted that fourth to be a baby. Well, God gave me my fourth. She is not a baby, and as sad as not having a baby is, I am still grateful. Although I am still trying to see how to make this work, and what God is doing. I am also brought to the realization that God works in so many ways we would never expect. God sees what we want, and although not always, he usually brings that about, even if it's in a completely different way than we asked for. Although I have so many questions, and mixed feelings about all of this, I am reminding myself everyday, this is an opportunity. One that God has given, perhaps in response to my request. I must seek Him. I must breath God in so that He can breath out through me. I must keep close in my thoughts; this is a person that needs me, what can I do today? I must show love.
My family has grown, not in any ways that I was hoping, or wanting, but in ways that God has brought about for a reason. Therefore, I am happy to serve. To make the best of what He has given. Although I know there will be hard days, I am glad to have a fourth.

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