Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Background with Annoying Ad

Alright, well as you can see I've added a background to my blog. I really like it, but am having one problem, I can't get the image advertisement off. It keeps following every post, and covering up the post title. Very frustrating. I would really like to keep the background, so if any one knows how to get the ad off I would appreciate some help. In the mean time, I left clicked on the image and then right clicked on "block images from...." This removed it from my page, but when I looked at the blog under my husbands account it was still there. So I guess until we figure out how to remove this image completely I suggest you block the image the same way I did.
If this is too much of a problem I will just remove the background completely. Just let me know how this is working for you.
Also, if we can figure this out, the site that I got the background from had over 200 backgrounds, all free! Might be something to check out.

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