Thursday, January 14, 2010

Do They Remember?

I worry sometimes that my baby will be forgotten. The baby we lost two years ago. I sometimes think, do they know? Do they remember? Do they care? There was once a life inside of me that we never got to hold. There was once a child that we so gratefully anticipated.

My oldest child (stepson) Cameron is no longer in our life but living. He was a part of my life for almost 5 years. Yet, so many people forget about him. I am left thinking, how can one forget? He was ours, and we miss him so much. Yet, most don't remember.

Then I go on to think that if people can't remember the first child we no longer get to keep. The child that hugged them so many times, how will they ever remember the baby they never got to hold.

I know as a parent it is more important to me than anyone else that my children are remembered. Still, I worry that others will forget.


Cindy said...

How poignant. (((Hugs)))

Kate said...

Your post made me teary.

((( you )))

Thank you for visiting and delurking on my blog today.